4PM new features in version 3.1

date: 2016-09-15

category: press release

Hot and working summer for 4PM team.
We have prepared many new features and improvements:

Multi-project dynamic Gantt-chart

Allows quick access to the timeline of your projects, simple scroll along the timeline, adapting the display by filters.

4PM - an indispensable tool for management of EU co-financed projects

Connecting plan of resource load, hourly rates and financial plan

Staff costs can be planned by connecting project team members, the applicable individual hourly rate and period. By determining the number of available project hours, the calculation of the staff cost of the individual we also determine the time limit for work on the project. Project Office has full insight into persons' occupancy for work on other projects.

Monitoring of work progress

Some projects require reporting on the work carried out in different units: hours, days, person / month (PM). 4PM converts reported hours of all team members in the reporting unit for various organisations. 4PM also applies for partners who do not report to worked hours for time-sheets. These user enter only totals for each organisation: the number of hours and value. The result is fast access to the work done by phases (WP) by months and PM.

Work overview

The personnel costs are always consistent with the financial plan, individual time-sheets (worked hours), their hourly rate and the project schedule (in Gantt-chart).  Various surveys and reports are prepared with a few clicks, all the data is organized.

Hourly rates  

Planning and monitoring of the personnel cost is no longer a problem in 4PM. Prepare the correct input on the salaries of the teams and import them into 4PM. Projects can have different formulas to calculate hourly rates (monthly rate, annual average hourly rate, fixed rate ...), which apply to individuals and projects from different programs. Transparently and quickly, without the numerous spreadsheets and formulas.

Budget of project

Budget assist in the preparation of multi-annual plans for the project.

The new project template Interreg Central Europe

New time-sheets. More and more programs require a daily project timeline and reports on spending time on other projects and non-project work, absences... 4PM ensures that the time-sheet is organized, data on wages and cost calculations are properly accounted and ready for printing in the prescribed form.

Send e-mails from 4PM

4PM is much more than just a tool for project management, is a tool that supports teamwork and collaboration in multi-language and multi-cultural teams. We have improved the user interface for collaboration and sending e-mails from 4PM to predefined groups (by project roles). 4PM can send messages via comments on tasks, comments on the project, from the document management system (sending links to documents), or from the form for work reporting.

Projects settings 

Each project can be set according to your needs, requirements or co-financers or your project partnership.


4PM should simplify your work, data entry should be as simple as possible.


4PM imports data on incoming invoices from accounting system Vasco import data, contracts, travel orders (date of invoice value, attachments ...). In 4PM, the missing data is added for the reporting of eligible costs (WP, category cost ,the percentage of co-financing, etc.).

Spica - Time & Space

Registration time Time & Space - import of control data on the work-space presence, the absences (vacation, sick, care, business trip ...). The data are important for reporting on work on EU co-financed projects, users do not need to enter the data, which are already in the system, Time & Space (Spica)

New application settings

  • automatic milestone when entering a new project or phase
  • Task evaluation by e-mail
  • New users - default language in the application
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