Regional Development Agency Rod, Ajdovščina & project iCON


Managing European cross-border strategic project Italy-Slovenia is a challenging. Succesfully achieving project goals requires communication and coordination of multiple partners, each coming from different backgrounds and cultures. Partners are also faced with a constant challenge with regards to administrative documentation and reporting. After adoption, 4PM helped us qucikly forget about our worries, enabling us to deal with the complicated and repoting requirements of European proejcts. Furthermore, we were able to easily exchange documents amongst project participants and keep each other informed about progress on our deliverables.

David Bratož,

Director and Head of iCON project, Regional Development Agency Rod


Through the adoption of 4PM, we were able to streamline communication and collaboration between project partners located in different countries. It facilitated monitoring work done by the various project partners and enabled us to monitor their finances and coordinate the reporting for each project partner and for the whole consortium. If deviations from the financial plan did arise, 4PM helped us quickly identify the cause of the problem and act in a coordinated manner to get the project back on track.

Andreja Vister,

iCON Project Office, Regional Development Agency Rod

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