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KB 1909 is dealing with investments in various companies in different countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Each business and consulting for an organization is taken as a project. Our consultants are often on the field and communicating in at least 3 different languages, so our decision was quite logical for 4PM. As a web application, it allows us to use it from any site in the world, project documentation, the progress of the tasks and milestones are easily followed. In this way, we significantly improved communication and streamlined project reporting.
In accordance with Regulation of the Italian Republic on the fixing of responsibilities within the organization, we have prepared a statutory organization chart and entered it in 4PM as a list of activities and the information supported by a legal obligation.

Boris Peric, Chairman of the Board, KB1909

If you want an orderly office, if you want to know what your employees are doing or how much money you can still spend or whether it’s finally time to go home, then 4PM is your best friend. It is accessible from anywhere; it never complains and does not forget anything. Above all, it knows a lot and is a faster learner. Personally, I like "favorites" the most. You see everything only with one click. 4PM is indispensible for project management.
Aljuš Pertinač, Head of the Service for System Affairs and Structural Policy Area, University of Ljubljana

When choosing a provider of an information solution for project management, adaptability, simple use, short time of system introduction and, of course, excellent references along with a good price are crucial. Furthermore, the provision of support in the introduction and throughout the use of this web application as well as the ease of connection with existing information systems have also been important to us. With the introduction of 4PM, the experts of Arctur d. o. o have listened to our wishes and given advice on specific organizational points of view for project management. I am especially excited by overall examinations of projects for different decision levels and the simple and fast drawing-up of reports for our EU projects.

Mateja Maganja, Technical Assistant for Economics, Golnik-KOPA Hospital


4PM offers a simple overview of all on-going projects in the company. It helped improve the efficiency of our meetings – the management obtained the most important information about the current state of the projects »with just one click«. We can see where the problems arise and which projects run by the initial plan.
I would like to highlight the invaluable help of Arctur's experts, who always listen to us and provide us with necessary answers and are always available for help. We can always count on them.

Matej Draksler, Marketing Manager, Iskra MIS

4PM helped us reach the set goals and improve the process of planning and project management. Above all, the transparency of individual projects management has increased as regards organization, coordination, control, evaluation and examination. Arctur d.o.o. is a reliable and high-quality provider of consultancy services in the area of strategic planning as well as information systems upgrades. They are reliable and efficient providers of services who understand the appropriate working methods and techniques, and do more than the costumer could expect according to the set demands. All this, together with their references and experience, positions the company among the leading providers of these services in Slovenia.
BIRO OBALA, d. o. o., Manuela Varljen, Technical Director and Head of Urban Design

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