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4PM gives us increased visibility into our organization and into every project we undertake, especially transnational collaboration projects. It has helped us improve project planning and resource allocation as well subsequent monitoring, control, and review activities.

Zdravko Kozinc, Director, Alianta Business Consulting

With the help of 4PM, we were able to achieve transperency into the functioning of our firm and have a complete overview of all our projects. It has significantly simplified the preparation of timesheets for individuals working on multiple projects, especially international projects such as NATREG which was planned and is now being managed with the help of 4PM. Project partners can easily access the application wherever they are and instantly view and update the project's status. With 4PM, we were able to improve the planning of proejct deliverables and appropriately assign tasks to various participants.

Urška Zelič, Project Manager, Alianta Project Consulting

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